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Nexion launches hybrid cloud services in NZ with IBM, makes progress in international expansion

Nexion’s launch of its hybrid cloud solutions with IBM is testament to its strong alliance with the global giant, and underpins its international growth strategy.

Hybrid cloud provider Nexion Group (ASX:NNG) is set to make further progress in its international growth plans, launching its hybrid cloud solutions with IBM Global Technology Services (IBM GTS) in New Zealand from mid-July 2021.

Along with the recently announced agreement with Aryaka to build an SD-WAN network node in Auckland, the agreement with IBM GTS today will underpin the company’s plans to develop a globally connected hybrid cloud and SD-WAN solutions.

“We are very excited to be expanding our commercial relationship with IBM so shortly after signing our multi-million dollar contract with IBM in Western Australia in February,” says Nexion CEO and co-founder, Paul Glass.

Providing clients with global access

Combining Nexion’s local Hybrid Cloud Services and IBM’s Multi Cloud Management Services will provide the market with a unique combination of end-to-end managed services.

The combination of these two companies will also offer New Zealand customers access to local and global network links, as well as access to global cloud and SD-WAN.

“This partnership continues to underpin our global growth strategy based on key partnerships, and to have a company of IBM’s caliber select Nexion as a GTS Tier 1 partner is testament to a strong alignment,” says Glass.

In the deal, Nexion will deploy a hybrid cloud solution which will offer combined enterprise solutions that will be aligned with its current offerings in Australia.

This includes Hybrid Cloud, Enterprise Networks, Security, Global SD-WAN, IaaS, enterprise consulting and solution design.

In return, IBM will provide Nexion’s New Zealand enterprise clients with flexible and global design and scalable hybrid cloud solutions, along with artificial intelligence, automation and security services.

Competitive edge in hybrid cloud services

Nexion’s core offering is its private cloud infrastructure integrated with public cloud services, to form the Nexion Hybrid Cloud solution it calls OneCloud.

Nexion has a clearly identified competitive edge as an emerging player in this extremely large and growing global market for cloud IT services.

The space includes mega players such Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, who have been reporting growth rates of 30% to 50% within the public cloud services segment.

Global cloud infrastructure is a $US130 billion market, and has become a central data management component for almost every business.

Nexion’s hybrid cloud solution provides critical value-add infrastructure, allowing clients to quickly and securely connect without diverting resources away from their core operations.

Specifically, it is targeting growth via deployment of its proprietary hybrid “OneCloud” data centre nodes globally.

The first international deployment was executed in Auckland in March alongside its global partner, US multinational Aryaka Networks.

The company said that the regional expansion strategy was the natural next step now that the company has built a strong footprint in the Australian marketplace.

Disruptive on a global scale

Nexion’s global expansion plan and strategy is starting to take shape after only being listed for less than five months.

This is testament to the company’s approach in executing and delivering against the prospectus forecast.

With the latest IBM deal, it is clear that Nexion is focusing on creating a global market for hybrid cloud, SD-WAN and security –  instead of simply slotting into an existing one.

The company has proven over the last five months that it has a disruptive mindset capable of challenging its clients’ expectations within the global technology landscape.

Nexion says that its motto is to ‘believe in what’s next, not what’s now’, and this bold Australian company has shown today that it can hold its ground playing in the global market.

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