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Nexion taking the helm of Aryaka in ANZ is a ‘simply world-class’ deal in the booming cloud market

Nexion’s extended contract with Aryaka will see it focussed on driving the direct and channel adoption of Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN and SASE solutions, a market which is poised to increase significantly by 2024.

Hybrid cloud provider Nexion Group (ASX:NNG) will take the helm of Aryaka in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) as Principal Partner, allowing the company to market and sell the Aryaka Cloud-first Global SD-WAN solutions and network services in the region to a growing number of ISP and MSP channels, as well as global enterprise.

This joint focus provides Aryaka with a local approach to the addition of new partners selling Aryaka global SD-WAN and provides Nexion with the support and backing of a global provider.

Nexion will execute on a new channel plan in Australia and New Zealand, linking the adoption of global Aryaka SD-WAN to its hybrid cloud solution in region.

The new agreement expands on the original deal between the two companies – and will drive a globally connected SD-WAN and SASE services from Aryaka, as well as Nexion’s HybridCloud and OneCloud offerings to new enterprise customers, further allowing Nexion to add additional resellers in the region

This will in turn provide Nexion with more direct sales, marketing, technical and global channel resources to drive the solution growth within the ANZ region.

“This agreement announcement is simply world-class,” commented CEO of Nexion Group, Paul Glass.

“Nexion are perfectly poised to execute on a rapid growth channel model, having proven itself with the likes of IBM.

“The company is calling on any Australian and New Zealand IT, cloud, networking or MSP that wants to add a global SD-WAN solution to its offerings to get in touch.”

This world leading collaboration approach will be led by Franz Koppl, Head of Alliances and Channel at Nexion Networks.

Koppl was channel manager for Cisco in WA for over 10 years, having worked with Oracle and Novell previously.

The fast-emerging SASE cybersecurity service

Secure Access Service Edge or SASE (pronounced “sassy”) is a fast-emerging cybersecurity service that global advisory company Gartner had first described in the August 2019 report called “The Future of Network Security in the Cloud”.

In simple terms, the SASE service is the convergence of WAN (wide area networking) and network security services like CASB, FWaaS and Zero Trust –  into a single, cloud-delivered service model.

A SASE architecture identifies users and devices, applies policy-based security, and delivers secure access to the appropriate application or data.

This approach allows organisations to apply secure access no matter where their users, applications or devices are located.

The popularity of SASE has been driven by the rise of mobile, edge and cloud computing in enterprises at the expense of the LAN and corporate data center.

According to the Gartner report, 40% of enterprises will have explicit strategies to adopt SASE by 2024, up from just 1% in 2018.

Today’s global first agreement

The original fusion agreement with Aryaka in 2018  gave Nexion the rights to build and operate a series of Aryaka’s first ever fusion PoPs (points of presence) in the region.

Specifically, the original deal allowed Nexion, as Aryaka’s only fusion partner in the territory, to offer PoPs and nodes between Perth and Auckland.

That deal was soon extended to include satellite nodes linked to the Perth and Sydney Aryaka PoPs.

In today’s global-first agreement of its kind, Nexion and Aryaka will build joint go-to-market activities facilitating local efforts supported by Aryaka US.

The two companies will deliver a cloud-first approach to global SD-WAN, SASE, and the Hybrid Cloud –  giving customers a new access option to Nexion’s OneCloud, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and Alibaba Cloud, all via Aryaka’s global PoP footprint.

“How many global, US-headquartered vendors have backed a single company to deliver its full growth and channel engagement in our region?” said Glass.

“It’s testament to Nexion’s capability to support global tech giants such as IBM and this investment in the region by Aryaka.”

Aryaka is the largest pure play global SD-WAN and SASE provider, enabling global enterprises with their digital transformation.

Its networking and Security as-a-Service is considered to be a gamechanger, with the unique ability to enhance Cloud/SaaS performance for globally distributed businesses.

“Australia and New Zealand represent a strong growth market for Aryaka,  with Nexion having a local and global solution in Hybrid Cloud,” commented Lisette Sens, global director of Aryaka Channels.

“Additionally, the solution is perfectly poised for adoption by a large channel base of resellers, and by selecting Nexion to tackle this head on, we have local skills and global backing,” Sens added.

Aryaka’s customers include hundreds of global enterprises including several in the Fortune 100.

There are no financial terms associated with today’s agreement, however Nexion will have the right to receive a larger discount on RRP (recommended retail price) for services in the region on a proposal basis.

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